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"Erst durch Vernetzung entstehen neue Synergien!"

In der aktuellen Ausgabe der DEGA GARTENBAU (02|2024) wird INUGA - Innovationsnetzwerk urbaner…


Talking to each other instead of about each other! Talk to each other, act constructively!

On 29 January 2024, Luxembourg's Minister of Agriculture Martine Hansen invited a small delegation from the horticultural sector. Among them: our…


40 years of IPM - we will be there!

IPM celebrates its 40th anniversary - CO CONCEPT congratulates on this success story!


IPM market description is online!

The annual market description by CO CONCEPT on behalf of Messe Essen is now online.



"Horticulture strategy for the future" process continues

On 14 September, the BMEL invited participants to continue working together on the future strategy for horticulture. Dr Marianne Altmann, CO CONCEPT,…


Young gardeners in Luxembourg

The 62nd International Young Gardeners' Congress took place in Luxembourg this year. It was ceremoniously opened on 17 July.


Our competences

CO CONCEPT - your national and international consultancy with over 30 years of experience and based in Luxembourg.

Our expertise lies in strategic and economic issues in the agricultural/horticultural sector and important cross-cutting topics such as nutrition, biodiversity and urban horticulture. We specialise in strategic and business consulting, evaluation and expert opinions, market research, moderation and knowledge transfer.

Thanks to our many years of experience in a wide variety of projects, we have a diverse network at our disposal. We look to the future and face up to new challenges and your questions!

Market research

Comprehensive, up-to-date information is the basis for making the right decisions for the future.

As part of our market research, we compile all the information you need to make informed decisions.

We take over for you:

  • Analyses of the sales potential of your company or specific products
  • Analyses of the competitive situation
  • Analyses of market development (market entry points)
  • Analyses of product development, innovations or risk assessment
  • Structural analyses for products, regions and sectors

You can rely on us to deliver the information you really need. Whether it's surveys of consumers or retailers, group discussions, expert interviews, competitor observations or the evaluation of secondary statistical information - we will find the right research method for you to clarify your questions.

Strategic & business consulting

Make your company fit for grandchildren!

Changing framework conditions require new strategies and sustainable financing and investment concepts.

We work with you to develop a future-orientated and targeted concept based on sound data.

With the necessary clarity about your personal values and goals, the market positioning and the target groups of your company, we recommend product, price, sales and communication policy measures. We offer you investment advice to help you realise your plans. We use financing concepts and funding strategies to justify your company's ability to service debt to banks.

Preventing bad times in good times and identifying, organising and supporting ways of strategic, operational, structural and financial restructuring in times of crisis - that is our mission.

One of our particular strengths lies in the development of co-operations. Our professionally sound moderation techniques lead your co-operation negotiations to a realisable success and resolve conflicts.

This is the only way to make serious recommendations which, in conjunction with our extensive experience and knowledge, will not fail to have an effect on your company.

Moderation & knowledge transfer

In seminars, at conferences and in workshops, we pass on knowledge through lively presentations. Our expertise lies not only in technical input. We design, organise and moderate results-oriented individual event formats for you. In doing so, we place particular importance on participation and practical relevance - from our perspective, the development and communication of content must be applicable to the target group. Our work therefore begins with the choice of topics together with you, continues with addressing the participants and ends with securing the results.

Evaluation & Expertise

In a variety of projects, programmes and measures, we evaluate for you whether the desired goals are being achieved and where there is potential for optimisation. Our analyses are based on objective information that we obtain through targeted market research methods. We gain access to different target groups by meeting them at eye level. Our evaluation concepts are always holistic and benefit-orientated, so that the insights gained provide security for your decisions.

In feasibility studies, we analyse for you to what extent your vision is promising and which paths you need to take to implement it. We ensure the necessary holistic transparency of the overall situation, for example by taking into account your operational environment and the competitive situation.

We prepare profitability analyses for you that support you in your internal financial planning. You receive decision-making support for your further operational development and your company's ability to service debt to banks

Our team

CO: We are co-operative, communicative and constructive.

CONCEPT: We offer you the appropriate and strategic answers to complex questions with future-orientated and individual solutions.

Our team is diverse and interdisciplinary - just like the challenges and tasks you bring to us.