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ZBG project on sustainability in horticulture is coming - CO CONCEPT is involved!

"Analysis and evaluation of sustainability in horticulture including testing of an evaluation system" is the official title of the working project of the Zentrum für Betriebswirtschaft im Gartenbau e. V. (ZBG).

The aim of the project is to improve the sustainability of horticultural businesses in a practical and simple way and to better fulfil their reporting obligations to stakeholders. An online application is to be developed in a participatory process with those involved in the horticultural value chain.

The process is accompanied by a small, independent "project-accompanying working group", to which our colleague Andreas Löbke has also been officially appointed. We are therefore directly involved in this important topic for the industry!

If you have any comments on the topic, you can also contact us directly. We will include it in the appropriate place.

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