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Our references

Examples of feasibility studies, expertise and surveys

  • Feasibility study for the establishment of a horticulture zone with attached marketing center, Luxembourg
  • Feasibility analysis for regional marketing of a producer organisation for fruit and vegetable, Germany
  • Feasibility study to harmonize efforts of two quality assurance systems in the fruit and vegetable sector, Germany
  • Feasibility analysis for the development of new agricultural quality products, LEADER regions, Luxembourg
  • Co-operation possibilities of two animal breeding organisations active in Luxembourg
  • Feasibility study: New building of a dairy, Luxembourg
  • Export strategies for cut flowers, design and market entry, Morocco
  • Evaluation of all accomplished sales promotion programs for ornamental plants in Germany, and "Viva Balkonia", "plant of the month", "Flowers, the most beautiful language of the world ", European Union Commission
  • Evaluation and reprogramming measures for the improvement of the competition position of producer wholesale markets, Germany
  • Development of a society for joint marketing for the agricultural and food industry / Project evaluation, Hungary
  • Improving marketing structures, project evaluation, developing a wholesale market for foodstuffs in Tula, Russian Federation

Examples of marketing consultancy

  • Enterprise check for garden centers, enterprises of ornamental plants and nursery gardens
  • Creation of an International regional marketing concept for fruit, Germany, Luxemburg
  • Enterprise development and strengthening market position of major ornamental plant enterprises
  • Co-operation concept for European orchid enterprises
  • Co-operation strategy development and assistance of two animal breeding organisations
  • Development and assistance to a producer's association for ornamental plants
  • Development of a strategy for a joint marketing system for two fruits and vegetable enterprises, Germany
  • Conception for the introduction of a new plant on the market
  • Regional development - development of a structure for regional product identity in LEADER region, Luxembourg
  • Development and consultancy of conversion measures of regional marketing for fruit and vegetable
  • Establishment of quality assurance systems in the food retail trade
  • Development and new positioning alternatives of a major marketing enterprise for fruit
  • Analysis of market appearance and new positioning of organic products "for you", Germany
  • Development of Marketing strategies for retail trade enterprises, Germany
  • International sales promotion concept for flowers and ornamental plants, Germany, France, Luxemburg
  • Development of an assortment and packing concept for the wholesale market for an agricultural enterprise
  • Expertise and structuring of producer organisations for fruit, vegetable and ornamental plants
  • Conception and design of an organic-label for a Federal state in Germany
  • Conception and development of sales promotion campaigns for garden products of all sections
  • Put together and structuring of producer organisations in Albania

Examples of consultancy of management

  • Strategy consultancy services to producer organisations for fruit, vegetable and ornamental plants
  • Planning and assistance to the transfer of horticultural enterprises  
  • Management coaching, introduction of new enterprise concepts
  • Development of strategies for an association of German flower markets
  • Strategy seminars for production enterprises of ornamental plants, location definition and future strategic adjustments
  • Implementation of consultancy for conversion to co-operations
  • Consultancy, personnel management
  • Consultancy in recruitment
  • Management coaching for conversion and reorganisation concepts
  • Moderate group benchmarking among diverse horticultural and agricultural groups regarding  a broad range of technical, management and marketing issues

Examples of marketing and structural market research

  • Market analysis and market positioning for a producer organisation for vegetables (consumer and trade survey)
  • Consumer inquiries regarding acceptance of organic products, University of Kassel
  • Consumer - and commercial surveys for the location of marketing organisations
  • Customer satisfaction study for a marketing organisation of ornamental plants
  • Consumer inquiry regarding acceptance attitudes towards regional products (In collaboration with the Kassel University, Germany)
  • Introduction of market tests of controlled environmental produced ornamental plants, consumer and commercial acceptance, Germany
  • Market analysis of exotic fruit and vegetable from the CAP states in the Netherlands and Germany, CDI, Brussels
  • Market analysis of certification systems on ornamental plants, Germany
  • Consumer inquiry as decision basis for the market positioning of a new ornamental plant, Germany
  • Location and competition analysis for nursery garden enterprises
  • Image analysis of ornamental plants enterprises, Germany
  • Analyses for ornamental plant enterprises and tree nurseries in Germany
  • Sector plans for ornamental plants and tree nursery for various federal states of Germany, France, Luxembourg, Austria
  • Structure plan for the future development of meat processing in Luxembourg
  • Structural analysis of livestock production, inquiry with agricultural enterprises, Luxembourg
  • Consumer inquiry to meat consumption, Luxembourg