Expertise and feasibility studies

CO CONCEPT develops expertise in three sectors: 

Profitability expertise

  • For in-company financial planning
  • As a decision-making aid for future company development
  • As a decision-making aid for credit institutions

Evaluation of programs and projects

  • Quick identification of suitable indicators for measuring success. Easy to handle for both government agencies and companies
  • competent native speakers = minimization of losses due to friction, hence better acceptance of results

Feasibility studies

  • Extensive and high level of transparency of the problem context, enabling you to derive the right solutions
  • Problem-oriented and objective
  • Embracing the entire situation, incl. competition and the environment in which the enterprise is situated

The sector-specific expertise and CO CONCEPT's experience of many years guarantee a fast, correct working out of most different circumstances.Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information!